Keep up!

I got an iPad2 for Christmas.  It has changed my flippin life!  Before owning one I thought it was merely an oversized iPhone, good for games and surfing the web (can I still use the phrase ‘surfing the web’ or do I sound like my dear mother when she says ‘I’m just chilling son’ without dropping the ‘g’? Bless her.)

I write my novel on it and now record studio quality (well very close to studio quality) vocal tracks!  It’s so ideal for recording at home, as it is completely silent and very mobile.  I squeeze myself into the corner of the spare room, like a sonic rat, surrounded by a myriad of duvets and mattresses. I plug in my Blue mic and I’m away.  For anyone that’s interested, I’m running Meteor for IPad by 4Pockets Audio.  Incredible.  Been discribed as ‘Cubase for the iPad.’

My sister ( ) studied photography, but has since almost abandoned her expensive DSLR for her iPhone.  She says she loves the freedom and spontaneity it gives her.  I’m working on an EP, with producer and multi instrumentalist Justin J. Atherley.  I’ve known him for over 5 years now, and regard him as a good friend.  That said, we haven’t actually met.  Even this blog entry has been drafted on my HTC. Changes in the way we create and interact with art is changing in line with technology.  I guess it always has.

I read an article the other day about the pros and cons of the e-reader revolution and its impact on how we interact with literature.  The author was saying a young child, with techno-savvy parents, had grown up being read to and eventually reading books on an iPad alone.  At nursery, the child was given a regular paper page book to read.  The child swiped at the first page, as they would their iPad.  After noticing the pictures didn’t move or pages turn, the child handed the book back saying that they thought ‘it was broken!’  That said, I’m seriously considering self-publishing on Kindle.  Some authors have seen real enviable success on there.  In fact, three of Kindle’s top ten selling books for 2011 were self published!!!  I know for every success story, there’s hundreds of failures, but we’ll see what happens.  I will firstly try the MS to agent/publisher route and see what it brings, but if that draws blanks (which lets face is statistically very likely) I’ll definitely give Amazon a closer look!

I’m trying to keep up.


About The Other Me

Londoner born and raised. Living in Denmark. Occasional singer/songwriter, music fan, nearly author, recovering procrastinator. To read or listen to the amateur stuff I call my art, click on the picture and press the links to either my FB, Wordpress or bandcamp pages. Thanks
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2 Responses to Keep up!

  1. Paula Gardener says:

    Sean this is brilliant and so true. What would I be without my gadgets. The convenience alone is irreplaceable, I would say that there is a growing ignorance on the business front. They automatically assume that all customers have an email and that they have Internet access. Technology is developing at such a fast rate, the question can everyone keep up?

    • seanjrankine says:

      I hear you Paula. It seems as though we’re experiencing a huge leap in technology. Everything is almost instantly obsolete. The days of having an appliance for 10 years are truly over. Good news for Apple and Co.

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