Writing My Way Towards Change

Wifey says that since taking my writing more seriously, I’ve become more aware; both of self and the myriad of things that happen around me.  She’s right of course. (she always is!) Writing can turn a simple conversation into a piece of dialogue for your protagonist.  Elaborate imagery laden set pieces can start life as the almost unnoticed thoughts, that happen to accompany you on your Sunday afternoon walk in the woods.  Everything seen, touched, heard, smelt or tasted can make it into your writing.  Everything is an opportunity!

This inevitably turns you into a bit of a thinker.  No not Plato necessarily, but just someone who looks at things from different perspectives – someone who notices subtext or irony in the plainest everyday occurrences.

I read a study claiming that writing sped up the healing process of those suffering from curable cancers.  I doubt it is the actual process of tapping on keys, or scribbling words on a note pad.  I imagine it has more to do with what writing forces you to explore.  I’m no counselor, but I would guess introspection to be one of the first steps toward healing.  Writing forces you to look within yourself.  

As your words were born from your imagination, whether you’re a single guy writing about the experiences of a single guy, or married woman writing from the perspective of male serial killer, the spine of those vowels and consonants is ultimately YOU; both in the process of finding and developing the idea, but also in the harsh surprising glare of what that idea stirs within you.  

‘I wrote that? Where did that come from?’  

Writing is like speed dating for your subconscious…It quickly makes you more acquainted with who you really are.

I have to say I like what writing has and is still doing to me.  It’s changing me from within and healing stuff that I didn’t even realise needed healing.  It’s even making me into a better conversationalist (when I can be bothered).  

I’m almost scared to admit it, but perhaps it’s making me a better person.


About The Other Me

Londoner born and raised. Living in Denmark. Occasional singer/songwriter, music fan, nearly author, recovering procrastinator. To read or listen to the amateur stuff I call my art, click on the picture and press the links to either my FB, Wordpress or bandcamp pages. Thanks
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19 Responses to Writing My Way Towards Change

  1. Virginia says:

    Great post. When I write, I feel like its meant to be. It is a part of who I am. And I definitely agree with you about it making you more aware; a heightened state of mind.

  2. littlesister says:

    I have worked as healer too for many years -and most i love the process for using the arts to help my students/clients to heal. Stories coming out of images…dramatizing them – dancing them – there are so many wonderful possibilities.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Sean. I couldn’t resist coming to see what yours was about, and was intrigued by your writing. I’ll be back. 🙂

    As a fellow writer I can identify with your, “Writing is like speed dating for your subconscious…It quickly makes you more acquainted with who you really are.” The best writing I do is when I’ve dug from deep within myself for the thoughts that produce their own words.

    • The Other Me says:

      Hi Carol. Glad you’re enjoying my little blog. High praise from someone as experienced as yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Really appreciated!

    • The Other Me says:

      Oh and Carol that’s exactly how my best fiction comes. Sounds pretentious, but it’s almost an outer body experience…you slip away into yourself and live out the scene.

  4. I feel you 100% on this, dude. I find myself thinking more critically on issues–be it something I hear on the news or a stray comment from a coworker–and reflecting on what I really think about them. Writing forces me to reflect on things, to turn them over in my head for a while before making a decision on how I feel about them.

  5. The Other Me says:

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    Just another quick reblog for the new followers.

  6. Indeed, writing can be an introspective activity.

  7. jamborobyn says:

    When I read this post the first thought that springs to mind is, I couldn’t have made it this far if didn’t start writing. One might think to reach deep within, you will find only darkness. Not so, the further you go the more uniqueness you find, interesting patterns and eventually clarity. Lifting that murky veil of familiarity and taking a fresh look in awe and wonder… myself as a reader more than a writer, I think the reader always knows when a writer digs deep and for that we are always grateful.

  8. tanicr says:

    Very good post! I agree with you, in my case writting helps me communicate better, as i can see more clearly what im thinking when i write it.

  9. gus says:

    Being able to convey your thoughts on paper is fantastic because it us universal, anyone can do it (though some better than others) and I think you are right it releases something in us we have to let go of. It is also amazing to find out who you will connect with once you have put something out there. Good post!

  10. kattieone says:

    Good post! I also discovered the healing power of writing. It changes you from within, it helps you to see clearer… For me it also means learning more about myself through the language, which I am acquiring in the process…

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