Kreativ Blogger Award

Ok, so I received this award from my boy down under Jai. An amazing photographer who I’ve recently learn’t only started taking pics 18 months ago! He uses many different cameras and film formats (when not shooting digitally obviously) and takes varying styles of photography in varied situations; from staged artistic, to portrait to events. PLEASE go and check his page out!

So the rules of receiving this fantastic award are as follows:

Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.

Thanks again Jai

List 7 interesting things about myself that my readers might find interesting.

1. Aretha Franklin’s ‘Save a Little Prayer’ is the only song to have ever made me cry.

2. At around 18, I appeared (Speaking role – for about 3 minutes. lol) in a low budget film, which went straight to VHS! I won’t be giving the title out.

3. As a child I studied violin (can’t play) and ballet (not a ballerina either, although I can do a mean jazz/street/funk fusion….in my head!)

4. I used to do freelance graphic design, and was hired as the sole (non-html) designer for two BBC online projects.

5. I have a nut allergy. I won’t die, but expect projectile vomit!

6. I was born on exactly the same day and year as David Beckham, so I guess in some parallel universe, I am a famous author and he plays football for his local Pub team.

7. I come from a BIG family, and at the last count am 1 of about 50+ grandchildren (on my Dad’s side).  Papa (my Dad’s father) is a great great grandfather!

Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links and let them know.

Poeta Officium




The Ugly Moose



Some of these guys aren’t following me, and I know at least one won’t be able to repost due to the format of their blog, but that isn’t important.  I’ve given them this little pat on the back, because I genuinely enjoy their work.  Check them out.


About The Other Me

Londoner born and raised. Living in Denmark. Occasional singer/songwriter, music fan, nearly author, recovering procrastinator. To read or listen to the amateur stuff I call my art, click on the picture and press the links to either my FB, Wordpress or bandcamp pages. Thanks
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12 Responses to Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. First off, thank you so much! You cheered me up! 🙂

    Even I learned to play the violin as a kid, though I can’t play for shit now. You’ve traveled a lot. Kudos to you!

    Finally, CONGRATULATIONS! You totally deserve this.

  2. mattneric says:

    Congratulations on your award!

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  4. Hey, thanks! And congrats to yourself! It may take me a week or so to get my awards together, but I will. Great idea. Like a chain letter with no bad-luck downside!

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