A Little Too Smart

I want to go back to the good old days. The days when the flow of my life wasn’t tossed to and fro by a tone, vibration or an icon; or more accurately the news, incident or trivial nonsense that lay behind them. I’ve been using smartphones for many years now. We all love them; the convenience they’ve given us. I have to admit that somedays I find myself asking how we actually existed before them. What I’m beginning to dislike however, is the byproduct of their smartness; The way they’ve made us constantly connected and instantly accessible.

I used to check my emails at certain times of the day, and reply to many at a time. I would keep my email account open when sitting in front of a computer, in other words when I was working and it was appropriate for me to have constant access. Now I reply to emails as they arrive. They light up and beep – pleading to be carressed, swiped and read. In this century I’m alerted to the receipt of FarmVille invites when in the toilet. I sit in my mother-in-law’s lounge and get emails telling me that purchasing discounted faux Viagra will be the panacea to all my problems.

We used to enjoy experiences with the people we loved, and were just happy with the memories. Now we have to tell everyone about said experience, before, during and after the event, with photographic and or video evidence. My cousin posted on Facebook, that he was at a gig and as he took a minute to look around, he noticed that a huge section of the audience weren’t actually looking at the band, but looking at the band through their phone’s screen. (I realise the irony in him posting his observation on Facebook.)

Enough’s enough! No, I’m not gonna turn into one of those people who tell everyone that they don’t own a TV. Not that the choice to lay an embargo on the entire gammut of digital television is a terible one; a little ill-thought perhaps, but not terrible. The choice to tell everyone you meet however almost certainly is. I’m not about to disable my Facebook, just so that I can appear to be busier and less superficial than you. I am however going to start to take back control of my life, because at the end of the day, it is down to me to switch off that notification, or to choose to reply to that email at a later time or even a later day. I guess I can’t blame technology or a website for my lifestyle choices.

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10 Responses to A Little Too Smart

  1. I think people often times forget that life existed before the boom of social networks and smartphones 🙂

  2. ruthricks says:

    I totally agree with you! As much as I love being in touch with everyone, there are times I just want to run away. Thankfully, running away now means just disconnecting from social media.

  3. musicislifepr says:

    Reblogged this on Music Is Life and commented:
    Some great sentiments and true talking here
    Sent from my Blackberry Smartphone. (Joke!)

  4. tweetybudd says:

    Well said! I tell people who seem entrapped by their multiple social media notification alerts, that the solution is simple, ignore the damn thing. I don’t have to acknowledge or respond to anything posted on Facebook or Twitter until I am good and ready. I post stuff when something moves me to do so, not to seem current or relevant. And as much as I like to vent every now and again, I don’t see why I should burden everybody with my posts on FB. Then again, they have every right to turn me off or ignore me as I do them. Life is what happens between posts, mi seh!

  5. tweetybudd says:

    Reblogged this on IamwomanJa and commented:
    Nicely said! Like I tell friends who feel they have been made hostage to their social media alerts, IGNORE THEM!! I do, in fact I have no problem checking my Twitter ad FB feeds when Im good and ready and that may be every thre or so days. Friends gotta work with the programme. I love you all, but unless someone’s dying, in which case call me or even BBM me, I will see your status updates when next I log in. C’mon peeps, surely Im not the only one who remembers we survived with snail mail and rotary dial telephones for decades.

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