This Miracle

I wrote this for my then new girlfriend (now wife) about 5 years ago…


This miracle begun with the walking on water

Over lakes of insecurity and doubt

Water submerged fossils;

Monuments to history’s pain.


My earth struck by your rod of honesty

Uncontrollable tides part.

Those monuments, now exposed, crumble away. Dust to dust.

Bad reflections die with your new waters of clarity, transparency and


You purge me.


Your medicinal waters trouble my soul.

My heart’s dam breaks.

We meet in the Valley of Reservation

Hope flows through

Arid pessimism becomes fertile new beginnings

Our love rooted deep within.


With each season comes growth, maturity.

Cracks in our exterior once perceived as ugly,

Now in unity become testimonies to when seeds of openness were planted.



About The Other Me

Londoner born and raised. Living in Denmark. Occasional singer/songwriter, music fan, nearly author, recovering procrastinator. To read or listen to the amateur stuff I call my art, click on the picture and press the links to either my FB, Wordpress or bandcamp pages. Thanks
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4 Responses to This Miracle

  1. Sheila says:

    I love this. So true that love and hope can flow like water while continually changing everything.

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