Stepping Back From The Keyhole

I had the weirdest experience last week on the way home from work, no not breaking down again. This was less common than running out of fuel. This is so strange I’m not entirely sure whether I should post this, in fact this is probably the only time I’m hoping I DON’T get pressed!

I was driving and thinking as I do, when I had an epiphany (or delusion, you decide.) that my body was merely a frame and that I exist within the frame and not within the world outside it. My body exists within the world outside, but I exist only within my body. And that everything I call life is merely experienced via interactions with this frame. Does that make any sense? I for maybe a part of a second kind of went inside myself and felt a surge of panic ladened claustrophobia. I was trying to explain this to my wife, who looked at me as though she were in a film, deciding whether to hug the lead who had just so brutally massacred a gang of street robbers, using only his bare hands and teeth, or get out her pepper spray and run for her life! Anyway the best explanation I could come up with, was to say that everyday life is like looking through a keyhole. You see the other side of the door and that is your entire perspective. I for a split of a split second stepped back from the hole and looked at the door and its room; a dark, windowless, cupboard of a room!

Am I going mad, or has anyone else experienced anything like this? Or am I just going mad? Should I get my wife to handcuff me to the radiator, while she runs for help? In any case, I think I might use this in my novel.

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11 Responses to Stepping Back From The Keyhole

  1. I don’t think it sounds crazy at all. It sounds beautiful, really. I get frequent glimpses of “epiphanies” that are so vast and quick that I can barely explain it or grab it. Usually, it’s something along the lines of how the world is so big and forever and how small and insignificant we really are, especially the “self”, our body. It makes me feel both powerful and unpowerful at the same time.

    • The Other Me says:

      Thank you for reassuring me. We live by the sea in the South of England. There’s very little light pollution. I get that same feelings of insignificance when I look up at the stars.

  2. justinwriter says:

    I like having thoughts like the one you described. Writers need to think like this because it lets them see life from different perspectives and helps them when building characters. I don’t think you’re crazy at all.

    I had a strange thought yesterday. What if you were raised with an identical set of triplets or quadruplets (and you weren’t part of the set) and all the mirrors and other reflective surfaces had been removed? Would you think you looked like your siblings? Would you get a shock when you finally saw yourself in a mirror?

  3. muteiny says:

    I can’t say that I can relate to your experience, but I definitely say use it in your novel. Sounds like something mythical or supernatural, which J. K. Rowling has proven, always makes for a good read lol.

  4. The Other Me says:

    Thanks. Let’s see if it fits. You haven’t made me feel less crazy though. Lol

  5. Jeb says:

    This experience is sometimes called, having a philosophical idea. Its an observation used in philosophy and science to understand the nature of being (the development of consciousness) a very vexing issue for both subjects.

    You may find this article on embodied cognition helpful with regard to exploring the issue with more confidence.

  6. jamborobyn says:

    On my G+ today, just before I read this post:
    “You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” – Robin Williams
    May I say that your experience seems to be a wonderful thing, the associated feelings of panic/claustrophobia may be because the perspective is unfamiliar. New awareness is like that and if you approach it with an attitude of casual interest, it could get even more interesting, although maybe not whilst driving…

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