Singer Songwriter

Occasional singer/songwriter. Perpetual music fan.

I’m always open to new collaborations. Email:

Listen and download via my bandcamp


7 Responses to Singer Songwriter

  1. NatesPOV says:

    Love dis …. so smooth…. like Maxwell or early Musiq Soulchild…. taking me back to high school time!
    Id love to do something with you.. check out my page and see what you think.

    Im a rapper, so its all hip hop, but a wide range of styles, look for specifically my track called ‘LSDMTHC’ … its very spaced out and trippy.

    I produce as well, who makes your beats?

    The second track is right up my street lool … check me out

  2. NatesPOV says:

    Who the hell s joomanji? The mans a genius

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